Project Pre-Planning

MSP commonly works with architects & engineers to
evaluate the feasibility project plans and make
strategic recommendations pertaining to access, span
designs, cross section adequacy, bearing and
connection details, and cost.

Product Engineering & Drafting

Once MSP becomes involved in a project, we often
work with contractors to create actual designs & shop
drawings of precast concrete products to be used in


MSP provides full service truck delivery and PCI certified
erection of precast and prestressed hollow core plank, beams,
columns, and wall panels on site to projects typically within up
to a 500 mile radius of Nashville, TN. Experienced erection
crews are capable of installing up to 6,000-8,000 feet of precast
concrete per day on average.

Design/Build Assistance

When a customer wants to build a structure requiring
design from the ground up, they can rely on MSP to guide
the project in its entirety and assist with engineering
evaluation (combining pre-planning and drafting services)
through installation.