Cincinnati, Ohio

“The precast system was a great solution to allow for this 4 story building above the garage. Precast concrete provided design flexibility to eliminate shear walls and hold down hardware through the garage area, which opened up drive and parking areas. The preplanning and coordination made for a quick erection process with few field adjustments required, and shortened overall project duration.” – Steve L’Hommedieu. Paric Corporation

Precast Concrete is an excellent choice for application in a Design/Build project, such as the Stratford at Kenwood Flats parking garage and support structure. The precaster was involved early in the planning stages, which allowed assistance to be provided to the engineer with design and layout. There were some difficult areas to design within this site. The area that the garage and townhouses were situated on was very tight with a sloping fall off to the back of the building. This meant the precast would have to be erected from within the footprint of the building, backing out as the system went up. The next challenge was the turnaround on top of the precast for emergency vehicles plus drop off. This element required an impact of 350 PSF LL on the precast along with wall line loading. The precaster provided design assistance to prevent the need for change orders from the design documents during shop drawings and engineering. 16,100 square feet of 12” Hollowcore, 16 Precast columns and 480 LF of precast beam were installed in 4 days allowing the schedule to be completed without delay