Precast Concrete

Mid South Prestress manufactures all precast and prestressed concrete products to our customers’ specifications at our plant in Pleasant View, TN.  Reinforced with high tensile strength strands, conventional reinforcing bars, or a combination of the two, our hollow core plank, structural columns, beams and wall panels feature greater load-carrying capacity and increased cracking control.

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Precast concrete is a highly versatile construction material that offers impressive design flexibility, energy efficiency, rapid installation and cost savings, among other notable benefits. New admixtures, concrete mixtures, fabrication techniques, and other innovations continue to change and expand the applications of the material and its benefits to owners, designers, engineers, contractors, and end users.

Precast concrete provides:

  • Design & aesthetic flexibility: long-span capabilities allow for greater open interiors. And precast concrete offers a variety of colors, textures and finishes, and can mimic masonry products like brick, granite, and limestone.
  • Durability: precast concrete is extremely impact and stress resistant, revealing minimal wear over time.
  • Rapid construction: superstructure components can be cast while foundation work is in progress.
  • Year-round installation: plant manufactured precast concrete components can be cast and erected year-round without delays caused by inclement weather.
  • Energy efficiency: precast concrete products have a high thermal mass, which can be further enhanced by the use of insulated foam core panels.
  • Safety: this noncombustible material can meet fire-code provisions without additional design or spray-on fireproofing material. Precast concrete also maintains its structural integrity even when subjected to the intense heat of a fire.
  • Sustainable design: precast concrete naturally minimizes energy consumption and is a product certified by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) as part of the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program.